Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From early harvested olives, picked before the end of May each year, pressed immediately in our on-site Italian cold press and allowed to settle and clarify in stainless steel vats. No filtering is carried out on our oils.
Green herbaceous oil with a very clean palate and a hint of pepper on the aftertaste. It is premium oil, produced under our strict quality guidelines.

Lemon Infused

Each year we produce this wonderful lemon infused oil. A distinct lemon aroma when the oil hits the BBQ. Great with fish and seafood, in risottos, salad dressings and when BBQ chicken. Delicious when drizzled over marinated olives, freshly cooked asparagus or beans.

Lime Infused

Our lime infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil continues the trend towards citrus infused oils. Beautiful in Thai style cooking or drizzled over BBQ fresh fish. Hugely re-freshing and intensely satisfying.

Garlic Infused

Ideal when cooking any meat dish on the BBQ. Also a flavour boost to any salad dressing. Hugely popular and our best seller.

Chilli Infused

This infused oil is a subtle chilli experience. It adds an extra warms without burning the mouth. Good for pasta sauces, casseroles and marinating.